Balcony Safety Nets

Balcony is the place where a common man can relax and enjoy fresh air . The open area of balcony and staircases are covered with these nets.The screens are solid and nylon string shaded which offers complete security . These nets offers security without compromising on the ventilation part.

Sports Nets

Safety nets for sports are installed in playground area which restricts the ball to go out from the fenced area. These nets are used both for outdoor and indoor games and it is are installed in schools, playgrounds, sports clubs and other recreational grounds.

Anti Pigeon/Bird Nets

Pigeon droppings is a common problem which many of the residents face .These all cause an unpleasant environment. Our safety nets provides products which prevents pigeons from entering the house and making it dirty, thus keeping it clean.

Building Construction Safety Net

These nets are useful for the construction workers who work at different construction sites. These are installed under the work area to reduce the risk , in case any construction worker falls off from the high rise construction site. These safety nets are manufactured to be tough as human life is involved in this process.

Coconut fall protection net

Coconut Safety net protects the people and vehicles from coconuts falling from trees at any time.The area is made secure by the installation of safety nets and these are specially woven by our professionals having high technical expertise.
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